Are You Listening? May Be Not as Effective as You Could Be.

Which is more powerful – words or action? First, both are critical forms of communication that complement one another. Most people struggle with listening especially when emotions run high. Words can be uplifting and transformational, or they can be damaging and hurtful.

Relationships are all we have in this world and so clear communication skills are the hidden gold in a successful and fulfilling life.

Customer Service Listening

As a customer service agent, to become a more effective listener, one has to have active listening techniques. Although is not easy to master, constant practice can help.

One can only achieve the active listening skills when they;

  • Pay attention; listen to or consider the customer keenly to capture all the details
  • Provide feedback; Let customer know they have come to the right place.
  • Allow a customer to finish; always allow the caller to finish their statements to avoid misinterpretation and annoying the caller by asking irrelevant questions.
  • Respond appropriately.
  • Listen to the feelings behind the words and master your language. Laughing and empathize when needed. In other terms, understand your caller’s tone and try to be as polite as possible
  • Set aside prejudices and opinions; you can offer suggestions and this can only be made possible if you are proactive, being able to step out of your comfort zone and engage with the customer in a helping manner.
  • Avoid distractions; The customer is always your first priority. Aim to avoid any outside destruction such as chewing and unnecessary discussions. Make sure the caller gets as much attention as possible to feel appreciated. 

Without listening effectively the following will result.

  • Lack of respect
  • Missing out on a lot of crucial information.
  • Being prone to making mistakes in processing a customer’s request.
  • Inability to provide high quality customer service

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