We provide hotline public services, for large government institutions, nonprofits and social service agencies to record and report information accurately and responsibly. Individuals can speak directly or anonymously and confidentially to our live agents, who are sensitive to callers’ needs. As hotline service providers, our staff obtains the right information, accurately through information based on the protocols provided. Our proprietary Public Speak Technology (PSS) promptly escalate calls and incidents to the right people inside your organization. We can also manage and forward anonymous mail-in and email remarks and reports.


Have you ever wondered how good managers motivate their employees?.  Have you also wondered how other companies have employees who stay with their energies on an all-time high and with great commitment to their jobs and companies? Well then you can probably go ahead and read this article as I try break down factors that keep employees in a company motivated. It is key that employers forge the right relationships with their employees. When employers have already fostered a great relationship with their employees, employees will always be keen to go over and beyond to support the organization at large.

As a manager do not shy off from asking for new suggestions that could help boost up employee spirits in the work environment. Something that particularly works for companies is having an Open Door Policy. Open Door Policy according to Wikipedia is a communication policy in which senior management in the company leaves their door ‘open’ in order to encourage transparency and openness with their employees. The main purpose of an open policy is to ensure and encourage growth, high performance and success throughout the organization.  An open door policy ensures that issues are always surfaced early and shared without any fear of counteracting the issue from management. This goes to show that it only creates an environment of trust between the management and employees.


What is outsourcing?  According to Investopedia, Outsourcing is the process of hiring a party outside a company to perform services and create goods that traditionally were performed in-house by the company’s own employees and staff.

Most companies employ outsourcing services in a bid to cut costs in their company. Small companies like startups prefer to employ this sort of method so as to save money and probably have it taken into other projects that may need the money more. Operational costs can be a huge cost .Cutting unnecessary costs by hiring an outsourcing company to handle the roles that would have been handled by the mother company at a cheaper price could be a great way for a small company to grow. This is where TeleSky comes in.  We are not restricted to only local outsourcing but we also provide international outsourcing for companies. Outsourcing internationally ensures that the company seeking to outsource benefits from the differences in labor.


TeleSky Limited is an excellent back office provider.  We work hard to ensure that your company focuses on the integral bits needed to grow you to your true capacity. Let TeleSky’s brilliant work force, innovative and up to date technology help rocket fuel your company to unimaginable heights.  TeleSky ensures to provide your company with an opportunity to realize tangible outcomes through comprehensive business processing services. Using us will ensure that your organization enhances its operational efficiency at lower costs. These are our featured services:


TELESKY SOCIAL CARE (social media marketing)

TeleSky specializes in providing companies with social media management so as to boost a company’s business and ensure that their goals are met. We ensure that we create a great audience for companies by creating a social media footprint. TeleSky manages all your social networks on your behalf. We work tirelessly to ensure that we transform a company’s social media presence by posting high quality content and the company’s daily content so as to ensure we increase your followers.


Many at times we say something in a bid to express what we feel but we always end up using the wrong phrase which surprisingly most of us don’t know are wrong. How many times do we pick a phrase without getting it correctly and end up using it when talking?.  I cannot even count the number of times I have picked a statement from my friends and ended up using it e.g. ‘HARD AS HELL‘ . It took me my whole childhood to realize that we do not say ‘hard as hell’ but ‘Hard as hail.(mouth agape) yes it really is HARD AS HAIL. Think about it, can we really measure how hard hell is?. I thought so. You can close your mouth now, when I found out I was shook too.


With the growing need for companies to effectively tend to their huge clientele the use of web chat service has become a necessity for companies to be able to reach out to their clients. Online communication is a vital sales and marketing tool. It is a fast and easy way to manage customers concerns or even answer their queries. If your company does not offer this service for your clients, it’s high time that you started it. We at TeleSky Limited can assist.

Women in the work place

Did you know that having a higher percentage of women employees in your company increases the company’s financial performance? Being a woman is akin to being a superhero. You can only imagine what girl power brings to humanity. If she is a superhero, she definitely is a  boost to your company. Think of the many things we as women are able to do, from multitasking, making sober decisions from a very motherly perspective just to name a few. A woman gives that Midas touch to everything they do especially in cases when they are not spending all their energy trying to fight each other with bouts of jealousy. That said here are some of the things you get to enjoy working along women.


Does Professionalism have a face? To many people professionalism in the work place could cover different aspects. Some of us will take professionalism to mean being dressed the part or delivering at work. The HR department could probably interpret this as having the right certifications. I concur with all the above ideologies because really when we magnify the term professionalism it really does encompass the definitions I have put forth.An office is not a place where people live by unfettered means .We all have rules to abide by for that professional feel and touch. Here are some pointers we could use to add professionalism in our respective fields:

Employee and Employer Relationships

 “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”    Richard Branson

Richard Branson is not a new name in the streets. For those of us who have been living under a stone, Richard Branson is the founder and CEO of Virgin Group. He is a well-known and successful entrepreneur. In one of his interviews whereby he was asked what he viewed as the biggest issue in the work place that needed addressing.He was keen to answer: “Many companies seem to fail to embrace their staff as individuals. Have you ever received bad news while at work? Have you had a family commitment that has clashed with your job? Whether it’s coming in later each morning so that you can drop the children off at school, or taking time out to visit a sick relative, or even a sabbatical to concentrate on other things or recharge – employers should embrace the different needs of each member of staff, rather than try to impose a one size fits all solution to problems.”

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