Customers today expect your brand to provide the highest possible customer satisfying experience round the clock. 
To do this for every single customer using internal resources in not only expensive but difficult to manage in a constantly busy environment. 
At TeleSky, We understand this and can help you optimize your costs as you maintain the best customer experience. 
Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) package offers you the ability to keep as much or as little control as you need to make the customer journey your own. 
We are there to take on work that keeps you from getting your work done.



- Research Writing
- Transcription
- Translation


- KYC Database clean up
- Data entry
- Form Applications


- Recruitment
- Staff Management
- Payroll Management


- Transport
- Order Management
- Event/Delegate registration

Best-in-Class Solutions

To differentiate your brand and grow your business, its important to focus on your product and outsource non-core functions. Outsourcing them to TeleSky guarantees personalized care for your customers round the clock.

See how our BPO solutions create value.

Personnel Solution – Lynn is looking to hire three hotel staff for her new cafe. 

Step 1

Lynn requests TeleSky to recruit, hire and manage three hotel staff on her behalf.

Step 2

TeleSky conducts interviews and recruits the three staff on performance contracts.

Step 3

Lynn can now focus on her core business - the Cafe's product.

Step 4

TeleSky regularly supervises & manages the hotel staff hired.


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Your business will enjoy the cost efficiency benefit that comes from only paying for work done.


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