Political campaigning not only challenging but also involves the most exhausting activities possible. A typical campaign requires 15+ hour long work days for several months.  On Election Day, either you win, or you and your entire campaign team are fired. This creates a huge amount of stress and pressure for success. While nothing can eliminate the stress of the countdown to Election Day, the proper organization of a political campaign can avoid some unnecessary challenges.

TeleSky offers proprietary political campaign technology that will form the backbone of your campaign.  This technology is designed with tools to allow seamless & timely communication to enable successful campaign strategy execution.


Aristotle Campaign System (ACS) Recruitment of campaign agents
Combination of professional and experienced workforce with advanced tried and tested tools. Comprehensive information system covering all aspects of the campaign


  • Get out the vote strategies
  • Staying elected through year long constituent engagement services
  • Constituent and Campaign Communication Services
  • Social Media Implementation and Strategies
  • Constituents surveys and messaging.
  • Recruitment and Supervision of agents
  • Real time poll count and tallying.

    1. Effective Campaign Execution – Holding that election certificate is what you have desired after a long and taxing campaign. It will ultimately be the number of votes you garner that determines that result. TeleSky offers real time data to guide on the go decisions.

    2. Constituents Engagement – Our year 'round constituents engagement platform for the next election campaign is available to orchestrate effective and consistent constituent outreach throughout your term. We are in place to communicate all your campaign initiatives for re-election operations.


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