Jambo Kenya; Why we are the best in Africa for BPO services!

I still remember the first very day I became a call center agent. It was 2018, and out of bills to pay (and the enticing offer), I applied to this not-so-popular but established BPO company. I was a newbie. No BPO experience at all. I took the risk; I tried my best to converse in English, showed off some of my communication and computer skills during the one-month training.  And voila! I’m hired.

At that time, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry was gradually a new field from what I expected after graduation. You could see their job advertisements anywhere – on social media, online job portals, etc. little did I know it would be one of the country’s prime economy idolizers.

Home-based or office-based, the industry is ever booming and unstoppable. Today the BPO industry has got even better. Nothing has changed, except for its exceptional growth. It didn’t even decline, and the opportunities for job hunters and existing BPO employees seem limitless. Here are some of the key indicators why Kenya is becoming the best place for BPO set-up both in Eastern and Central Africa.

Fluent English

Kenyans pride themselves on their ability to read, write, and speak fluent English, which makes them a threat to the competitors in the Philippines, India, China, and other Southeast-Asian countries. English is taught from a very early age to Kenyans, both in part to its history as a former British colony as well as a strong campaign by the government to establish the language.

Talented People

Finding talented workers in Kenya is not hard because there is a constant stream of both high school and college-educated applicants. This means that the workforce in the country is mainly comprised of top-caliber, well-learned people that can consistently produce the best results that their clients need.

Potential for Growth

Kenya is considered of the most performing countries in East Africa, the outsourcing boom has helped propel Kenya’s economy into one of the region’s fastest-growing. The call center industry has bustled business districts. One of the biggest factors that contribute to this growth is the country’s large and growing young population without underestimating the relatively good pay to the call center workers.

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