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Exceptional customer care at all touch-points (phone, email, text, social media) to ensure consistency in  customer experience that enhances your brand’s ability to deliver on its promise.

Did you know that Companies that outsource routine functions are market leaders in their respective fields? By outsourcing non-core and administrative functions, companies reallocate time and resources to core competencies such as product leadership, which ultimately results in industry leadership. TeleSky has vast experience in Front and Back Office administration.

Is your Brand focused on generating sales within a short period of time? Are you looking for a  high end 24/7 telesales service? Call us!

Social media presence is critical for interaction with a diverse demography of customers. Do you want to have a 360 degree view of your customers? Do you want actionable insights to help you better understand them?

We want to ensure every interaction and online chatter about your Organization is attended to promptly. We help you proactively manage your content online.

Is your organization providing public services and requires a hotline for inquiries or requests? TeleSky has vast experience in deliver outstanding public engagement call center services. Reach out to us.  

Do you intend to win Nominations or a seat in government? Achieving this is no mean feat. You will need to start your campaign early, analyze voter sentiment, communicate your unique message to the target constituency, get out the vote and monitor the results. 


Doing this on your own will waste precious time and capital. We have succeeded in taking candidates to the August House. Reach out to us.

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Real time stats

Rapidly obtaining and visualizing customer data to predict what will happen. Uncovering customer behavior, micro-trends and prescribing the best actions to gain desired results

Multilingual & translatable

Multilingual & translatable interactions with your customers to connect and create meaningful moments that matter.

Cost Optimization

Turn your significant fixed labour costs into variable costs that can be optimized to reflect the volume of business.


Integrating customer data across CX touch points in a manner that offers meaningful and actionable insights that enable targeted interventions to enhance brand value.

CX Design

Call center design that dives deep in understanding your customers and mapping a solution that provides a unique and delightful experience.


With over 18 years of Professional Call Center Service Experience in East Africa, TeleSky offers your brand exceptional customer experience. We are the experts. Talk to us

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