Web Chat is Critical, Are You Doing it Right?

There is no argument, live chat is critical. Social media has 3 billion daily users on a platform of live chat. Web chat is the ability of your customers to chat with your business on demand. This happens through a platform on your website. In other words, as soon as  a customer sees something they want to inquire about, all they do is text you online.

Online communication is a vital sales and marketing tool. Moreover, It is a fast, live and an easy way to address customers concerns rapidly. However, If your company does not offer this service for your clients, it’s  time that you started it. We at TeleSky Limited can assist.

Live Web Chat gives projects a proactive customer care.  This is how our Web Chat works:

  1. Round the clock Web Chat. We provide a prompt response round the clock. Customers will visit your website from around the world at any time. At that moment,  providing a quick response to queries cuts the customers search.  They can now focus on what you have to offer.
  2. Tailored Solutions. We will work with you to come up customized a script. The chat agents will  follow through each session. Moreover, they will initiate a phone call from the chat session whenever the customer needs in-depth approach.

Contact TeleSky, the leading call center in Kenya to see increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

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