Who We Are

Creators of Delightful Customer Experiences

Welcome To TeleSky

Founded in 2016, TeleSky is Africa's fastest growing digital contact center and BPO serving clients from varied industrial sectors in the USA, UK, Europe, New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

The Company offers unrivalled experience in contact center services, social media support, sales and retention, SMS, Web Chat, Email, Transcription, Annotation and back office support.

Our business is built upon world-class technology, infrastructure and operations.

Experts Behind Every Choice We Make For You

Customer Care

We’ll give your customers a positive emotional connection combined with rapid resolution.

Sales & Retention

We turn conversations into an opportunity to build brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value

Trust & Safety

You’ll no longer have to worry about managing your brand online anymore because we’ll take care of it.

Business Process

We transform the back-end functions that support your frontline CX teams in delivering outstanding services

Building Loyalty

Our ability to deliver multi-channel, multi-modal solutions that meet the rapidly changing profile of the customer and their heightened expectations is our key strength.

Our experts design a tailored approach for each of our clients, deploying the right capabilities at the right time backed by world-class expertise.

TeleSky connects the dots between structured and unstructured data sources to deliver a secure, enterprise solution. These solutions deliver measurable operational value and customer insights which enable smarter decision making and cost efficiencies.